Tips for a Better Web Design

guideinternet_largeFinding the right equipment is equally important to having the knowledge needed for web design. If you have all the knowledge of the world and know all the tricks of web designing but have an old laptop or desktop, you won’t get far. Having a slow internet connection makes the process even more difficult. We created a list of all the things you will need to be successful in web designing.

Laptop or Desktop?
While having a desktop with a large monitor really helps the process of creating a website, a laptop has more advantages. If you have a laptop, you can easily get a bigger monitor and attach it at home or in your office, while still being mobile and able to meet the clients presenting your idea directly. Another advantage is that you can attach SSD hard drive that works faster in storing the information. And you can carry it with you wherever you go. Having a powerful processor is not essential while RAM memory counts. Multitasking is done much faster with higher RAM memory so have this in mind when buying a laptop for business.

Basics of Web Designing.
connessione adsl2When creating a website keep in mind that simplicity is the key. It is advised to use shades of gray to create a pattern and then, when you are completely sure that is what you want, focus on the colors. Adding fonts to the corporate style guide will make it unique and comparable to the corporate documents. Another great tip is to keep your social media icons in the bottom of the site. Placing them on top will invite visitors to leave before they even had time to read the rest of the content. Make this the last step by keeping it on the right, center of left bottom part of the site.
Remove the sidebars to make it look more professional and keep the attention of customers on your product. Get inspired by nature for picking the right color. Natural light and colors that we see in nature are appealing to the eye; it increases the chance of them staying on the website. Use white space between the content, by doing this you will make it easier for reading and increase the overall appearance. Make your intention clear by simplifying the navigation. The easier it is to use the better. Overwhelming the website with apps and links only makes it difficult to read the content and understand what you are trying to say.

website-design-purposeKeep these tips in mind next time you are designing a website and us guarantee success. It is tested by thousands of companies as they bring the best results possible. By thinking like a customer or a visitor, you will understand what they really want to see when they enter your site. Try these methods for you next few sites and see for yourself if you made any progress. And remember to keep it plain and simple but make it interesting!